Frozen / Dried cranberries BIO

We offer frozen berries Carpathian cranberries. Berry harvested in an ecologically clean Carpathian region (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian region.) Ukraine, so it has low radiological characteristics.

The stock is frozen berries CLASS “A”, Class “B”, “C” class:
Class “A” – for the food industry and HoReCa sector

It selects the best berry, which is cleaned mechanically and with the help of laser systems from vegetable impurities, leaves, rotten and immature berries, as well as foreign bodies. All the berry is ripe and is available in natural form with a characteristic color and smell, no herbal supplements, rotten, immature and foreign bodies. We guarantee a high level of quality control.
CLASS “B” (semi) – for the processing industry.

The berries are cleaned mechanically and manually from vegetable impurities, leaves and foreign bodies. It accepts up to 3% unripe berries, and to 0.5% contamination leaves. Products of this type can be used in the manufacture of juice concentrates, purees or natural dyes pharmacological purposes.
Class “C” (crude)

Berries are sold without pre-treatment. This berry contains obstructions: up to 3% of the leaves, 5-10% unripe berries.

Estimated annual sales of 40-60 TONS

On demand customer manufacture all kinds of laboratory testing in independent laboratories and the results confirm the certificates (radiology, heavy metals, pesticides, microbiology, etc.).
The products are packed in cardboard boxes or 10 kg paper bags of 25 kg. Labels are printed at your request and sample. The finished product is stored in a modern cold storage at a constant temperature range of – 18 ° C to – 22 ° C.

The prices depend on the volume of the purchased products, the quality of packaging and other factors.

We have the ability to supply the customs cleared goods across Europe in quantities of 3 tons.

It is also ready to consider individual orders for the procurement and delivery of specific, narrowly presented frozen and dried berries, mushrooms and mixtures thereof, as well as medicinal herbs.

We offer long-term cooperation.